Idea or detailed plan? We are flexible.
It all starts with the idea of the customer. Or the precise definition of the desired result. No matter, from where the working relationship with 2resist commences, the result is a successful product development! The concept phase begins depending on the starting point - jointly creating the requirement specification or the specification based on accurate product definitions by the customer are paramount.

Complete Perspective. Open communication adds value.
You will benefit from our in depth knowledge of the market in structural component research: In this way 2resist finds the optimal electronic package for the respective challenges - of course, always bearing in mind that the finished product must be durable!

Reliable development. We make it dynamic.
The whole development process is geared to greatest agility: Daily contact, ongoing exchange on site and a fine subdivision into small work packages - best prerequisites for a highly controllable work flow!

Fixed Costs, including added value. We are not dogmatic
The development of a new product always involves certain risks. 2resist reduces this by developing at a fixed price. There are smaller deviations from the original basic concept. The same applies to suggestions that result from intensive work with the market conditions, application situation and the specific requirements involved. Because we make your product so good as if it were our own.

As soon as the development is on paper, we continue with the prototyping.