More robust mini-computer

Watertight, extremely robust, very efficient and still lower electricity consumption – and all that in a very small format of only 120x120x35 mm. This special computer, which is equal in every way to its big brother, is used everywhere, where extreme conditions prevail (e.g. up to -40° C).


The commercially available interfaces were implemented with specially robust metal round connectors. Even the casing is made of metal. The electricity consumption of the computer or the heat buildup in the device is extremely low, so that a fan is eliminated. In the absence of a power system, the computer can also be operated with SMBus-enabled batteries.
2resist Highlights:

  • Use of a new generation of processors, which was brought to the market late by the manufacturer
  • Still keep the required completion date- Component-specific overall BIOS-development, direct consultation with the board manufacturer in Taiwan