Multimedia Service-Instruction

Troubleshooting instruction over a service-hotline is very difficult, especially with highly complex and extensive installations. Therefore, a multimedia-headset was developed that is equipped with a camera, microphone, headphones and See-through-Display, which enables real-time-instruction of the user on site from a distance.


The service technician sees through the eyes of the user and can precisely convey instructions e.g. by means of arrows on the display. Besides, additional information such as sketches, videos or instructions on the See-through-Display can be provided. The headset is connected to a portable PC, which is integrated into the work vest. The batteries are enough for 6 to 8 hours of operation.
2resist Highlights:

  • Development of an ergonomic carrying system, regardless of the height (in collaboration with a university as a part of a scientific study)
  • Complex hardware and software adjustments to control the eye display for a flicker-free image display to avoid eye fatigue
  • Integration of more robust cables and connectors